My Mac’s been doing some travelling

In the winter it’s damp here. I mean, really fucking damp. The walls are made of breeze blocks and soak up any moisture, so even in the relatively dry winter the house feels like a very cold Amazon.

In fact, it’s so damp that my Mac Air went into a coma. Luck would have it that there’s no Apple store here, just authorised repairers. After a week of waiting we finally took my laptop to the repairers in the capital city. They kept it for a week and then said that as it won’t turn on they can’t see what’s wrong with it.


They said I have to ship it off to UAE for a hefty sum.
By chance my father in law works in UAE and so we arranged our own transport of the laptop which involved another trip to the capital and dropping it off with my father in law’s colleague. He then took it to UAE, gave it to my father in law, and he took it to the Apple store.

They said that it wasn’t just damp, it was rusty. What the hell. Eventually they agreed not to charge for replacing the mother board and I was a happy bunny. At that point it was three weeks since I’d heard it’s heavenly start-up jingle. On the way home to me it travelled through Indonesia as the friend who was returning it had to make a pitstop there for work. Last week it was returned to me having travelled roughly 11,000 miles.

My poor baby.

But this is the best bit. I get it home, I turn it on, I’m giddy with excitement. I click ‘connect to wifi’…’ and it refuses. So I call Apple Support, and George from Morocco tells me it’s a hardware problem and to get it to an Apple Store.



4 thoughts on “My Mac’s been doing some travelling

  1. Oh my…Dizzy Mac Air. This kind of situation gets all the hell of frustrations out of you. But really, you still manage to deliver this post with humor, that face. LOL. Hope things get sorted out. 🙂

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