English coffee (or is it?)

If you follow my blog you may have realised that I’m really in to coffee.

And being home for Christmas might mean no more delicious coffee rituals… But I’ve found my way around that. 

Enter: weird infused coffee from the local ‘gourmet tea and coffee specialists’.   

Butter Pecan (roughly) ground coffee.


Made in a milk heater.

Strained through the head of a coffee filter. 

And it tastes?

You’d probably feel comfortable feeding this coffee to your toddler as a nightcap. 

The actual coffee smells delicious, but it’s  not ground finely enough to be made the Arabic way (or Ottoman way if we’re going to be clever about it). 

I think while I’ve not got the right coffee or instruments available, I’ll just stick to making coffee in a cafetière… The English way 😉


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