Pulling Teeth


Daisies pushing through concrete: an image that could be analogous of wisdom teeth pushing up through jaw bone and thick gum.

But this is a cliched image of hope. New York sidewalks, the tenacity and resilience of fragile hope.

And therefore it’s a failed metaphor; because wisdom teeth are the antithesis of hope. Like bamboo clusters shooting out of granite, digging octopi roots and sprouting giant trunks, wisdom teeth remind me somewhat of the stories I’ve heard of Japanese torture.

And you need equally original (do I mean archaic?) tools to extract such fast growing and destructive abominations of biology.

But who cares about the sensation of having bone and live nerves ripped from your gums when at. least. they’re. gone. now.

So after three agonising days of no sleep and full on baby tears, I finally find myself with two crudely sewn canyons at the back of my mouth. Thank god for injectable pain killers. What more can I say?

Thank god. Thank modern medicine. 


6 thoughts on “Pulling Teeth

  1. Did you have this done in Jordan? Not that Jordanians can’t pull teeth, but even getting my hair cut in another country makes me nervous! I also had my wisdom teeth removed as an adult, and it was no picnic, even when I could be a crybaby on my own couch!

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    1. I actually thought about adding to the post that the dentist was better than any dentist I have seen in the UK! For sure, the area the dentists was located in freaked me out a bit – lights didn’t work in the stairwells, which were covered in graffiti and overflowing trash bags… but the actual dentists was wonderful and clean and I couldn’t have asked for better care! Generally healthcare in Jordan is very well respected, and their medicines are second to none … But saying all that, still won’t let anyone but my hairdresser from back home touch my hair!!

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