What I did in Three Weeks (With no Internet)

As a family home of 6, we keep running out of data before the month is up. Still being a stranger in this country, and still wanting to Skype my mum every-single-day, means that each time the internet goes down I fall into total meltdown.

Last time we had internet I blogged twice in the same day. That was about three weeks ago.

In this time I have found myself working as a kindergarten teacher at a local international school (and loving it, which I never expected), and I yesterday I officially began reading and writing Arabic.

I repeat, What did I do in three weeks with no internet? I LEARNT ARABIC.

In the past three weeks I have trebled my vocabulary and you see this: مرحبا



And now I’m teaching kids? Life without internet is so, so much more interesting.


8 thoughts on “What I did in Three Weeks (With no Internet)

      1. Hehe, you’re welcome! Actually, I haven’t been learning it officially, but I’m Muslim so we all read the Qur’an in its original Arabic and that has helped me to pick up quite a few words 🙂 Other words I can read, and I know how they would sound if I said them aloud – but I need a translation to understand what they actually mean, if that makes sense? 🙈 I know it’s quite a confusing concept 😊 Basically I’ve got the reading part down, but not always the meanings part. 😀 It’s like an English person reading Spanish – the script is the same so you’d be able to sound out the words, but you wouldn’t always know what you were saying 🙈 Arabic script is very similar to the script used in a lot of predominantly Muslim countries (for example, Urdu script in Pakistan) so that helps a lot with reading. 🙂

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      2. I’ve often wondered how non-Arabic speakers fare with learning the Quran – it must be a huge challenge! And as for the differences between classical Arabic and modern standard, all the dialects etc etc you’ve got a real challenge! I’m completely addicted to Memrise, which is a free language learning platform you may have heard of… I’ve noticed they’ve got a lot of resources to help with learning Arabic for reading the Quran, but they use translations and transliteration so it could be useful for you in those terms? Are you from Pakistan then? 🙂

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