My Happy Place

Only until recently, my happy place was to take a walk in the depressing English weather to my favourite coffee shop, where I could sit for hours reading boring BA theory by the light of sparkly fairly-lights, candles, and super hipster music. I guess the memories of my BA are dewy with nostalgia already, but it’s a happy way to remember the last three years.

Now, thrown into an entirely unknown situation, I’ve had to find another happy place. Now, perhaps, it’s more important than ever that I have somewhere I can take a timeout.

In the early morning, or the early afternoon, the neighbourhood takes on a rare and romantic quietude, which is strange for the constant chaos of Jordan’s cities.

I try and take an hour every day to sit on the roof, or hide beneath the lemon and olive trees, and just soak up the peace. It’s pretty much heaven.

DSC_2758 DSC_2759

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”


30 thoughts on “My Happy Place

      1. My fiancé is from Jordan and it just didn’t feel right to be on different continents – no matter how long for! But do come and find out more! I hope you enjoyed your breakfast. Great to hear from you 🙂

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      1. I’m sorry to say that I haven’t been to Scotland since I was a baby, but I’ve heard that the people are really friendly and the walks looks magnificent! …and I sincerely and whole-heartedly miss rain! When I got to Jordan there was a heatwave that lasted most of the summer, but thankfully the weather’s just changed and it’s this gloriously sunny and breezy version of autumn. Everyone’s complaining about it but I think it’s lovely! Are you studying in Scotland or visiting? 🙂


      2. Hahaha it’s always funny when your neighbors are unhappy with what you consider perfect weather! When I was visiting Thailand I revelled in any cool weather while everyone else thought I was one crazy Canadian (I also chewed on icecubes as a party trick lol)!

        I’m actually living in Scotland. Don’t know when I’ll be moving on!

        Do you do anything to “awe” the locals lol? :]


      3. It’s exactly the same here haha! I don’t think I have any party tricks over here… I think people are pretty entertained when I put milk in my tea though!
        I suppose Scottish and Canadian weather is quite similar? I hope you’re settling in well. Have you seen any bagpipe-toting men in kilts, or is that just a stereotype? ;p


      4. Hahaha I’m still getting used to putting milk in my tea XD (I like it though).

        According to my family in Canada it has actually been a lot warmer there!!! Plus they get more sunshine :3

        I have seen bagpipe-toting men in kilts, but they are only around for special occasions (weddings, wealthy hotel entrances, national holidays etc). I’ve learned not to look though because that would give me away O.o plus it weirds locals out lol.

        Certainly the idea that Scottish people are super friendly continues to ring true! These guys are all about greeting you on the street and slipping into converstation lol.


      5. Milk in tea is definitely a good way of blending in!
        Yeah, the cold is fine when you have some sunshine too, but no such luck in the UK!
        A really strange thing I found when I got to Jordan was that they have their own type of bagpipes that make the exact same sound – when I first saw it I was like, oh cool, a piece of Scotland for the tourists! but I was then told that it’s an ancient musical instrument here too, with no connection to Scotland at all!
        It sounds lovely in Scotland, I’m glad you’re enjoying it 🙂 🙂

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      6. Oh wow! It’s neat when different cultures develop similar tools or items independently! It just goes to show, we may vary a bit but in the end we share the same needs and desires.
        I actually took advantage of a shared necessity to compare cultures around the world. I explored the way different peoples get rid of their baby teeth! It was really cool!

        My partner was surprised when I told her where you are based. Do you find Jordan restless at all? What’s it like living there (if you have a post that already explains I’d be happy to read it if you direct me at it XD) ?


      7. That is SO cool! I’ve never even thought about that before, but it’s fascinating to hear how different cultures approach the same thing. I’m going to post a link on my facebook because I know people will be really interested! You’re very creative!
        I’m a bit surprised to be here too, actually. I just came for a holiday with my boyfriend, and then we got engaged and I decided to stay. It was all very sudden and unplanned.. I’ve wanted to write a post on it for a while but haven’t got enough distance from it yet to be able to recount the last three months with any clarity – if you see what I mean? I wrote this: but I did wrote it out of the necessity to explain where I am living/what I am doing with my life!
        Jordan is very restless as a developing country – there’s always something being built, always stacks of traffic, always weddings and funerals to go to. It’s not the dreamy desert Bedouin lifestyle I imagined!
        Did you move to Scotland with your partner?

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      8. Oh my gosh thank you! I’d love that XD I’m not very good at sharing things lol.
        And wow! It sounds like quite the party in Jordan lol. Reminds me of Cambodia.

        My partner and I met in Canada in 2010 when I was starting to study journalism and she was studying abroad (she’s from Tenerife and was studying in Barcelona before coming to British Columbia). Then she left for London to start a Masters and I stayed to continue my bachelors. We thought we’d never see each other again so we broke up. In 2013 I went to Thailand to study abroad. My partner and I started bonding again online. When it came time for me to travel home i asked if I could meet up with my partner in Cambridge. She said yes and we moved to Scotland 3 months ago. Much cheaper living!!!

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      9. What a story you’ve got there, that’s so romantic! I love the idea of pursing your own things and finding each other in the end. It’s so modern and sensible. I had the option to study an MA in the UK and I turned it down to stay with my fiance… I try not to think of it in a bad way, because I’m happier to be with him, but I do envy people who have the grounding and confidence to follow their own nose! And you’ve been to so many interesting places, too… Are you an active journalist? Your posts are so interesting, and I can see the journalism background now. I always thought I wanted to be a journalist and then I did one module in it and was like…no way, not for me. It’s a real skill you’ve got to have, hey!
        Wait wait, Scotland’s cheaper than Canada? I always thought the UK was the most expensive place ever… but actually Jordan can be shockingly expensive. For instance, the average wage is 300JD (£270) and an average latte is about 4JD (£3.65)… 0.o crazy. Oh god I’m talking about coffee again…

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      10. Pfft. It was us not being able to make a straight decision!!! Certainly not as grounded and modern as this barebones timeline makes it out to be. We had our subtle drama lol.
        Haha you do have to share your story too XD, which (I was just thinking) could be a marvelous post between us! We could each write down our love stories and share tips for international relationships! Of course maybe your partner would be uncomfortable with the idea? Haha mine’s gotten used to being talked about :3 because I’m stubborn.

        I’m trying to be an active journalist lol but the newspapers here stubbornly adhere to the Journalism Council’s guidelines (specifically shorthand which I do not know).
        I think any intelligent person who passes through a media law manual could be a journalist in this day and age. Sure there are moral rules and ideals of objectivity, but most newspapers are doing a terrible job of upholding them.

        And lol I was comparing Cambridge to Dundee for prices lol.
        Although earning a wage in the pound is massively helpful. The Canadian dollar isn’t the best currency around lol.
        And sheesh! I could get a latte for £2.50 in Cambridge and one here for about £2.


      11. I LOVE that idea! I’ve been thinking of ways to make my blog more engaging and that would be such an exciting thing to do! Haha, I think he loves it when I write about him although he’d never admit it ;p (Thankfully) We’ve never had to live apart, but I’ve definitely got a lot to say on moving country together and staying strong in vastly different cultures. I’m really new to WordPress – is there a private messaging service where we can talk about it in more detail? I’m really up for it!
        Gosh, if I was still in the UK I’d post you a fantastic book I’ve got on learning Teeline shorthand. I learnt the basics really quickly with it but gave up and it’s just sitting in my bookcase gathering dust 😦 It does seem a shame that you can’t practice when The Sun is still in print…. I’m shamelessly addicted to The Newsroom series lately (have you seen it? – you must!!), so I’m feeling really passionate about spreading the word on important issues haha I keep saying I’m going to write these incredible exposes on institutional sexism in Jordan and change the world etc etc but I’ve got like 0 journalistic skills and no motivation haha ;p


      12. Oh man I know the feeling!! It’s a blogging addiction isn’t it lol. And hey, if you pass me the title of the Teeline book I’d be most grateful!! I’ll find a copy online 🙂
        As for messaging, you can use my blog email to get in contact with me if that’s ok ^_^ or my twitter @doorsteptravel
        And I totally know the feeling of getting stories out!! I’ll check out The Newsroom.
        You should check out the International Politics Forum (IPF) which is beginning to look pretty good! I just became a sub-editor for it. You could try submitting some stories there 🙂 as a test run. I’m sure they’d love a perspective on Jordan’s institutional sexism.


      13. I’m glad you like the IPF ^_^ and no I haven’t written anything for it XD. I’ve unfortunately been too busy updating my blog posts for their move to a website, working as a gallery assistant :), and looking for another job (sigh) needing money sucks…..
        It’s cool that you were offered an editor position 😀 I’d kill (maim? Mm, slap…ok nudge) to get a job as an editor.
        Thanks for the book! I’ll order it after my next paycheck! >_<
        I look forward to your email! I had a great Sunday, my partner and I biked the 40 miles between Inverkiething and Perth. Lol we almost killed ourselves with the climb and the last stretch of downhill in the dark, but the trip had its moments!
        How was your Sunday?


  1. It is nice to be able to find that happy place. Our happy places may change their location but they never change what they do for us. They allow us to own a little piece of our lives when so much of it is owned by everyone and everything else.
    Nice post.
    Tony R


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