No Longer Touring: An Expat in Jordan

I came to Jordan with my fiancé in July and somehow, somewhere along the line… not entirely sure when, I decided to stay for good.

It partly comes from refusing to be a continent away from Him, but I also think Jordan is pretty damn cool. That’s not coming from a tourist’s p.o.v. I haven’t been to Petra, Wadi Rum, or Aqaba yet. Just been living hum-drum daily life with his family, but there’s something really wholesome about Jordan and I feel pretty contented.

So that’s the story. What’s next I don’t know, but I do know that this blog’s angle will probably change quite a bit from now on.

“Homegirl” no longer?



12 thoughts on “No Longer Touring: An Expat in Jordan

  1. I agree with the writer who said you can be a homegirl wherever home is at the moment. I just spent a few days in an odd little hutang hotel in Beijing which was ever so homey and felt quite like I was nesting there for a few days. I was in Jordan briefly four or five years ago and did love it so I can see how you would be happy there.

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    1. Exactly. I used to put so much emphasis on my creature comforts, but I know now that ‘home’ is a concept much more flexible than sleeping in the same bed every night. I hope you enjoyed Beijing! 🙂


    1. Hi Sarah 🙂 I’m sorry to say I haven’t done many ‘touristy’ things, but if you’re ever mooching around Amman with nothing to do, I suggest walking from Rainbow Street (that’s the go-to street for tourists), down to Jafra, in Downtown Amman (this involves a long walk/hike down incredibly steep stairs, but it’s pretty and fun). It’s a very old, very lovely cafe/restaurant with a balcony, shisha, pretty lights and lovely staff. It was also the go-to place for writers and great thinkers, so it’s got some history too!


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