Checking in

I haven’t been posting as regularly. I guess that’s due to uni work taking up every minute of my life. But I have still been writing. A lot. Each week we have a formative assessment for the journalism module I’m taking, which involves blog writing (har har), reviews, hard news, profiles etc.

It’s genuinely exciting, but SO time consuming. It’s not like having to read Ulysses in one week (which I side-stepped in my first year), but actually, having to juggle a hundred tasks at once (not to mention the other modules), and be a super sharp time-keeper, means my brain is working at 110% all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m genuinely really enjoying it. Ok, so in the first two weeks when we were covering hard news, I did think ‘I’ve got it all wrong! I don’t want to be a journalist!’ but then we moved on to review writing and features and the aspirations I’ve harboured since I was thirteen have resurfaced ten times stronger.

So, instead of blogging this semester, I’ve been pretending to be a journalist – meeting weekly deadlines, editing other people’s work, researching demographics, reading case studies, theories about ethics and responsibility in media – and I’ve been really enjoying myself! I’ve also been writing for the uni newspaper, Concrete, which has been great for real-time feedback.

I’m planning my summer right now. I’m hoping to return to Israel for a few weeks to conclude the trip I took last year properly, which basically means using my friend’s place in Tel Aviv as a base and spending some time in Palestine and Jordan.

Then I have the Big Build in Morocco …and perhaps from Morocco over to Spain and some trekking through the Spanish countryside… Sounds too good to be true.

I wish I had time to post more!


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