So it’s been a year. Over, actually. Fourteen months, to be precise. And it’s autumn again, you’re watching the vine leaves shrivel to brown, feeling the cool wind tunnel down the same garden walls, listening to the same pigeon cooing from six to six thirty, every morning. The same mu’athan calling his prayers, the gentle… Read More Serenity

My MIL’s Makloubeh: Recipe with Pictures

Makloubeh  (Maqluba) – Literally ‘upside down.’ Chicken and vegetables cooked in rice We eat reasonably traditional foods in this house. Mainly because my husband (the eldest son) loves old recipes with rice, stuffed vegetables, and tahini and yoghurt sauces. When I first made Makloubeh a couple of years ago, I didn’t think much of it.… Read More My MIL’s Makloubeh: Recipe with Pictures